Zero Collection - Sterling Silver Statement Cuff

Zero Collection - Sterling Silver Statement Cuff - Aprilierre

Embrace your inner badass.  Enhance your confidence when wearing this sterling silver statement cuff.  Fearlessly make a statement.  You work hard and deserve to own a bracelet that’s meticulously hand forged for you. 

As part of the Zero Collection, each piece cut from this bracelet is used to design an earring or pendant.  You can feel good about your purchase knowing that Aprilierre uses recycled sterling silver with no wasted material.  

Designed for the woman who isn’t afraid to display her convictions.  This Sterling Silver 1 inch wide cuff projects the image of self-assurance that only a few can pull off.  Are you that woman?  Each cuff is made to order, or in limited editions, each one will have subtle variations from the next.  

 2 1/2" diameter 1" wide

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