• 10 Fun Facts About Sapphires

    10 Fun Facts About Sapphires
    1. Sapphires are cousins to the ruby as both gems are a form of corundrum. (Corrundrum is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide). Raw crystalline form of red conundrum or sapphire
    2. We tend to mistake sapphires as the  only the rich deep blue gem but it actually comes in an array of lovely colors.  (Yellow, orange, pink, purple, colorless or clear and even black.) Rose cut sapphire gemstones scattered in blue, red and yellow collors
    3. Red Corrundrum is known as the Ruby while all other colors of corrundrum is referred to as Sapphires.Blue Sapphire ring held between two fingers
    4. The Sapphire is the traditional gemstone for September birthdays.  September calendar
    5. The largest cut Sapphire in the World measures two and half inches at 486 carats.  Called the “Blue Giant of the Orient” Image of princess Diana’s sapphire and the blue giant of the orient
    6. Sapphires heavily influenced Royalty appearing in noteable jewels such as Napoleon’s engagement ring to Josephine and who can forget Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring. Image of napoleons sapphire ring for Josephine
    7. Sapphires are associated with attracting abundance, blessings and used to protect against negative energies. Woman sitting in mediation
    8. In traditional Feng Shui the Sapphire should be set in the corner representing wealth in your home.  (This would be the far left corner of the home from the perspective of your entryway.) Sand and a rock that says Feng Shui
    9. Sapphires are just under the diamond with a MOHs hardness of 9 making it a gemstone that is durable and will withstand the test of time. Diamonds scattered on top sapphires scattered below
    10. Some rare Sapphires display unique inclusion within the gemstone which creates a star pattern of light known as the “Star Effect”. Image of star sapphire cabochon
     I have been particularly intrigued working with rose cut sapphire gemstones (Rose cut  means that it the stone is flat on the bottom and faceted on top). 
    Recently I had the honors of making a custom Sapphire ring set in 14kt gold with a sterling silver band.  
    Client testimonial
    Ready for your own customized Sapphire?  Click here for a custom request order form. 
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