About the Artist

Jewelry, the art of ornamentation, is a statement of who you are.  This timeless art form has been expressed in all cultures through out history. 


Drawing inspiration from fashion, nature, and architecture, I founded Aprilierre (pronounced April-e-air) to feature original designs that use ethically-sourced metals and semi-precious gemstones.  Each piece is hand-crafted in my Minneapolis studio. 

Growing up under the open skies of western North Dakota in a loving and artistic family, I often felt that something was missing.  Small town living didn’t satisfy my adventurous nature, so I moved to Minneapolis where I could directly experience museums, art galleries, theatres, and all other cultural amenities associated with city life.  Such experiences bolstered my own confidence and influenced my creativity and style.  I found my passion for jewelry design. 

My initial designs were beaded works that I sold at local craft fairs and markets, steadily gaining a small clientele.  Looking to enhance my line, I enrolled in silver-smith workshops at Metal Heart Jewelry Studio in Minneapolis, moving from beads and strings to hammers, torches, metal and gemstones.



My creative process often involves an element of chance, letting go of specific ideas to allow the metal to find its own voice.  Among the scattered but beautiful disarray of my work bench, I discover concepts of design that result in bold, one-of-a-kind statement pieces.  Aprilierre jewelry is sleek and sophisticated, balancing the organic and artful flow found in nature with the daring and innovative lines or angles found in city architecture. Formed with intention for the woman who values unique style that connects with her experiences. 

sterling silver statement jewelry 

Jewelry is a statement of who you are.  Aprilierre jewelry punctuates your personality, enhances your confidence, and becomes a definitive accessory you simply love to wear.   Accept my invitation to find your art of ornamentation at aprilierre.com.