About April of Aprilierre

Your jewelry is a statement of who you are: Your style accents your personality. Big box stores don’t excite you. You get excited by creativity, and you value wearing jewelry that is carefully crafted by hand.  You desire a jewelry collection that carries  meaning, and you want that jewelry to fit effortlessly with your style.   

Aprilierre Jewelry Studio

Welcome to Aprilierre, where curiosity, intention and a zero-waste concept are the driving forces behind my jewelry designs. I began Aprilierre (pronounced April-e-air) to feature original designs that use ethically-sourced metals, semi-precious gemstones, and eco friendly practices. 

Much like the meaning behind my name April  you’ll see the theme of “Re-Birth” frequent my designs. Recycling metals to bring new life  I like to explore how a left over piece of metal from one design can become part of another.  I choose to hand forge every aspect of my designs using techniques that are thousands of years old, exploring how fire and the force of a hammer can shape metal into something beautiful to wear. 

 My creative process often involves an element of chance, letting go of preconceived ideas to allow the metal to find its own voice.  Among the beautiful disarray of my work bench, I discover concepts of design that result in bold, one-of-a-kind statement pieces.  

April Barnhart jewelry designer

Aprilierre jewelry is sleek and sophisticated, balancing the organic and artful flow found in nature with the daring and innovative lines or angles found in city architecture.   

Sterling silver jewelry collection by Aprilierre


I create: 

  • Jewelry for the stylish and curious woman.
  • Jewelry with stories, inspiration and meaning behind  the pieces. 
  • Jewelry that’s delicate and chic with a dash of bold
  •  Each piece is hand-crafted by hand in my Minneapolis based studio.  


    Aprilierre jewelry studio


    I am always exploring my curiosity with jewelry design, learning new skills, and playing with design concepts.  Aprilierre jewelry punctuates your personality, enhances your confidence, and becomes a definitive accessory you simply love to wear.   Accept my invitation to find your art of ornamentation at aprilierre.com


     April Barnhart of Aprilierre thank you for supporting small business