A Collection Begins...

A Collection Begins...

  It begins with one single sheet of sterling silver. 

Sterling Silver Sheet Aprilierre

That sheet can become a cuff bracelet. 

sterling silver statement cuff bracelet 

One shape.  The circle.  Exploring the endless design possibilities with different sizes and patterns. 

Sterling silver circles Aprilierre

 Earrings and pendants are born out of the array of circles scattered across my workbench. 

Aprilierre Jewelry ExperiMetal collection

The cutouts left over become...

Aprilierre silver

Large statement shield rings that punctuate the collection. 

Aprilierre Jewelry Sterling silver shield rings

This series can run the gamut from dainty and simple to bold and striking.

Aprilierre Jewelry ExperiMetal Earrings

Whether you like to wear large statements or subtle accents this limited first edition collection is one you won't want to miss!

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