• A Peek at the Aprilierre Studio

    A Peek at the Aprilierre Studio
    Does your kitchen have a drill press? Perhaps an oxygen/propane torch? A Rolling Mill versus a rolling pin? Yes, it is safe to say that I have slightly different "appliances" than what you would find in your typical kitchen area. Instead of a kitchen island or a spacious dining area, you'll find two jewelry workbenches. Welcome to the Aprilierre Studio.
    Aprilierre Jewelry bench
    I am fortunate to be a resident at the Artspace Jackson Flats, a live, work artist building in the heart of the NE Minneapolis arts district. I have a modest two-bedroom that I share with my three-year-old son Niko. My current situation doesn't allow me the resources for a separate work studio to do my jewelry work (but I will continue to dream that into existence.). I am grateful for the loft-style artist apartment that I have, which allows me space to create the beautiful jewelry you've come to love.
    Artspace Jackson Flats
    Aprilierre Jewelry Workbench
    Aprilierre Jewelry Soldering Bench
    My jewelry benches face outwards, carving out a five-foot space for me to work. Fun fact, my 2nd workbench came from a well known local designer who sold it to me for a mere $25.00. It is a watchmakers bench but works well as a soldering station, it's old and beat up it included a Green Bay Packers sticker to one side (I live in MN, so that is sinful around here). It has since become my son's spot to deposit stickers as well.
    Aprilierre Jewelry workbench
    I surround my space with bright colors and photos for my inspiration. I love that when I am working here, I face the tall windows from which I gaze upon a beautiful city tree.  

    The Aprilierre View
    Aprilierre Jewelry studio
    You may wonder how do I have so many dangerous tools in a shared space with a bustling pre-schooler? Simple. He learned early that this was mommy's area. I initially used the infant gate around my workspace and let him run free around the rest of the apartment.
    Aprilierre Jewelry tools
    Aprilierre Jewelry Studio
    You will rarely find my workspace in perfect order. As a creative person, I am continually working on new ideas, and those ideas often spawn from half-finished projects lying around on the workbench. 
    Aprilierre Jewelry circle cut outs
    For example, the orbicular statement earrings I came up with by finding these random pieces of silver lying next to each other, and the random pattern it makes.
    find your ornamentation
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