• April's Blooms

    April's Blooms


    I have fond memories of my grandmother's flower gardens. I would emerge myself in those beautiful flowers. Hours spent getting lost in creative play among the colorful blooms.  My grandmother's signature tulip was the two-toned orange and red ones, my favorite to this day. 

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    My designs gravitate towards a floral shape with no particular flower in mind.  My goal is to create a beautiful yet simple bloom.


    The definition of Bloom is: "flourishing, a healthy condition, a time of most magnificent beauty and artistry. Bloom is a glow. 
    I create blooms with a deeper meaning beyond the three petal structure.   These pieces can represent special loved ones in our lives.   A Bloom Pendant is a reflection of Spring, rebirth, and hope.
    Sterling Silver Flower Pendants with Citrine and Ruby gemstones
    What will your Bloom mean to you? Is it a memory of a birth? A wedding? Graduation? Celebrate a special friendship or honor a loss.  
    No matter the season that fresh glow of Spring is always in the air when you wear your Aprilierre. 

    Sterling silver bloom pendant necklace by Aprilierre

     sterling silver bloom pendant with peridot stone by Aprilierre

    Sterling silver flower pendant with aquamarine by Aprilierre


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