• April's Blooms ~ The Daisy & Sweet Pea

    April's Blooms ~ The Daisy & Sweet Pea
    The month of April is upon us, and everyone is itching for the outdoors.  Depending on your location Spring is in full swing and the blooms are beginning to burst everywhere.  Not in Minnesota however, where we currently have the threat of another winter storm and a promise of up to a foot of snow.  If you have a birthday in April, you get to celebrate with two beautiful blooms, the Daisy, and the Sweet Pea.
    Daisy and sweet peas
    Perhaps it is fitting that one of the blooms for April is the Daisy with it symbolizing innocence, hope, and renewal.  The new beginnings found with springtime.  
    Daisy April's Bloom
    "I'll never tell" is the sentiment between giving this flower to a best friend as it represents the ability to keep a secret.  
    Daisys grow all year round and are the perfect flower for beginner flower gardens due to their being naturally resistant to many pests and plant diseases.   Did you know a single daisy flower is made up of two separate flowers? The petals at the center of the bloom are one flower, and the "rays" surrounding the center are another flower.  
    Daisies have always invoked a sense of cheerfulness and the innocence of childhood making them an excellent gift for new mothers.  
    The other Flower for April is the Sweet Pea.  It's meaning is a blissful pleasure, departure, and goodbye.  In Victorian times it became famous because of its lovely colors and delicate perfume scent. 
    Sweet peas Aprils birth flower
    Saying good-bye to someone you love is made more pleasurable with a bouquet of sweet peas.  Perhaps this was the inspiration behind Shakespeare's famous lines "Parting is such sweet sorrow."  
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