• April's Gemstone ~ The Diamond

    April's Gemstone ~ The Diamond
    This year April Birthdays is a little lackluster.  Celebrations are confined to the home because a global pandemic has made the world stop in its tracks.  Perhaps it is no accident that the birthstone for April is the Diamond.  The strongest and hardest of all the gemstones. 
    If you believe in gemstones healing properties, you'll find Diamond's spiritual properties stimulates your inner intuition and enhances creativity and imagination.  It opens the mind to  the "new" and "possible." 
    Diamonds April's Birth Month
    Different impurities found in the gemstone will dictate the change in the shade of a diamond.  
    One of the hardest substances found on Earth is the Diamond. It is known since ancient times as a "Stone of Invincibility," one that brings victory, superior strength, fortitude, and courage to its wearer.
     Diamonds are symbolic of eternal love, which why it is commonly associated with the wedding ring.  
    Diamond Wedding Ring
    Diamonds were extraordinarily well marketed to create their scarce appeal; however, they are not as rare as we once thought them to be.  In the 1800s, a wealth of diamonds were discovered in Kimberly, South Africa.  Had DeBeers not quickly intervened by taking control of the mine the market would have been flooded with diamonds and thus significantly bringing down their cost.   We place a lot of value into the Diamond, and while yes, they are stunningly beautiful, I try to find alternate ways to add a diamond element to my jewelry designs.   I hammer textures into the metal that, when shiny, reflect light as if tiny little diamonds embedded into the silver.
    Sterling silver labradorite necklace with white topaz
    I am introducing White topaz in some of my work as it is considered an alternate gemstone for April.   They are equally cut, faceted, and sparkly, just like a diamond.  You will see more of that in my designs to come. 
    sterling silver necklaces by Aprilierre
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