December's Blooms; Holly, Poinsettia & Narcissus

December's Blooms; Holly, Poinsettia & Narcissus

As the calendar turns its page to December, you can't help but think about all things Christmas and the decorations that come along with it. The Holly and the Ivy, Evergreen trees decked out in lights, so it is no surprise that the birth flower for December is also well known for its Christmas Decor.

Holly Plant

One of the blooms is Holly, with its bright red berries against darker green leaves known for holiday decor because of the juicy red berries, while safe for birds, are semi-toxic to humans. Deer also to avoid the plant as well, so Holly is ideal for growing in gardens, which could attribute as to why the Holly symbolize protection and defense.

white narcissus

The Narcissus belongs to the family to the commonly known Daffodil, but the specific birth flower for December is the Winter White bloom, which carries the meaning of good wishes, hope, and wealth.

Poinsettia plant

Sentiments like Good Cheer and merriment are associated with the Poinsettia. The final Birthday bloom of December also known as the Christmas Star in many places around the world and primarily grown in Central America and Mexico.

As the year draws to the end, take time to reflect and make goals for the next year. Take time to notice these beautiful December blooms as they remind you to feel the Cheer, Merriment, Good wishes, hope, and protection that they represent and help to propel you into the new year.

Happy Holidays



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