Earring Design #1 ~ Enchanted Evening

Earring Design #1 ~ Enchanted Evening

My first couple of design challenges will have a general theme of "use what you have lying around the bench."   

Clutter.  I seem to attract it, but often ideas form merely from the way my scraps are strewn about my working area.  

sterling silver scraps

There wasn't a specific design plan, and I didn't draw anything out.  I began by making a couple of earring components in Sterling silver and stamped them to create a geometric texture.  


behind the scenes of workbench


I was listening to a jazzy remix on my Spotify and was inspired to make a long, sleek, and elegant pair of chandelier earrings. The kind you would wear in a dark jazz club.  Sparkle with a modern twist using tourmaline and garnet beads. 

sterling silver chandelier earrings with garnets and tourmalines

picture of April

Close up of earrings

close up of garnets

I wrapped each link by hand.   The sterling silver diamond cut chain sparkles, adding to the overall elegance.  Be sure to snag these one-of-a-kind earrings! 


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