• Earring Design #2~ "Laveer" Sterling Silver Earrings with Lapis

    Earring Design #2~ "Laveer" Sterling Silver Earrings with Lapis
    "Laveer" Sterling Silver Hoop Dangle featuring faceted Lapis and 14kt gold-filled charm
    silver and tools on workbench
    One of my challenges is coming up with names for my pieces.  Sometimes the name comes easily to me because there was the direct inspiration behind it.  Other times I can't get past the more technical aspects such as the search engine friendly "long silver earrings with blue dangles."    Boring but necessary.  I always enjoy designers who name their pieces.  It adds to the story.  Going forward with my earring challenge will also include coming up with names for the jewelry.
    Laveer sterling silver earrings
    Meet my Laveer earrings.  I  asked some young aspiring artists (7-10-year-old girls).  What they thought of when they looked at this pair, and both of them said "Sailing"!  I immediately agreed that there is a nautical feel to this pair.  I looked through some nautical terms for more inspiration, and Laveer hit it perfectly.  It means "to sail against the wind." 
    sterling silver on the work bench
    It perfectly describes the process of this design because I tried so many different things, and I was unhappy with them all.  I began with threading some tiny AAA quality tourmalines...didn't like it. I attempted a garnet and labradorite combo... didn't like it.
    I moved to use mixed metals chain and using a hammered 14kt gold circle charm I had cut out...didn't hang correct, but I liked the look of the silver chain.
    It was the vivid blue Lapis gemstone that would seal the fate of these earrings.
    I love the subtle pop of blue and gold.  While the earrings have a bold and intricate look to them, they are also comfortable and lightweight to wear.  So go ahead and sail against the wind with the Laveer Sterling silver earrings.
    Sterling Silver Laveer Earrings with Lapis
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