• Earring Design #4 The Coda~Sterling Silver Earrings

    Earring Design #4 The Coda~Sterling Silver Earrings
    If things were always effortless, then this wouldn't be called an Earring Challenge.  Let's talk about why I am doing this.  It isn't to get a trendy hashtag or jump on the bandwagon of any kind.  I am doing this as Challenge for myself as a way to tap into a routine of creativity.  Because let's face it, we are living in some challenging times, and the stress level for everyone is extraordinarily high.  My emotions were bouncing all over the place, or I'd be busy being a mother and a nanny. What gets lost in all of that? My passion for my art.  In shifting my perspective, I am finding that implementing this Challenge into my weekly routine has been helpful on many levels.  It has been fun so far. 
    jasper bezels and mini drill press
    Now on to Challenge number Four.  The plan.  To bezel set a couple of Jasper stones in sterling silver.  Again I didn't have an actual design drawn out.  For me, I like to work with what is around me and see where the design develops organically.  This time it leads me to use some 14 kt Gold-filled wire that I had.  I liked the mix of the silver and the gold and how they balance with the Earthy tones of the Jaspers.  Without giving much thought, I  moved forward. 
    mixed metal jasper earrings
    When I got to the results, I was disappointed.  The metal on my bezels wasn't moving correctly. It was looking sloppy.  I wore these earrings for a day, and they were a little bit too heavy.  (But I did get compliments on them, so I knew I was heading in the right direction.)  I decided to begin again.  But now I had a real concern.  I was running low on sterling silver, and the price of sterling silver had risen quite a bit since my last purchase.  To be resourceful and save a few dollars, I decided to make the earrings out of brass and copper.  I didn't get too far on that venture.  I was still having issues getting my bezel settings.
    jewelry tools
    I learned how to do this skill years ago, and here I am with problem after problem. I began to question why I was doing this in the first place.  It wasn't bringing me joy; it was bringing me self loathing and disappointment.  I nearly gave up.  I was embarrassed.  It has been years since I have been in a classroom learning environment.  I decided to reach out to my jewelry designer friends and accountability group for advice.  They all highly recommended I look into Lucy Walker's online classes, and I did.  And it is a decision I won't regret doing.  All I needed was a little refresher course to get my enthusiasm and creative juices flowing.    It turns out there were some crucial steps in my preparation of the metal that I had been neglecting.  Not to mention I am learning some neat tricks with texture, I am excited to try out.  It turns out this little hic-up in my Earring design challenge was what was needed to reignite the spark.  I am excited to share with you the next creation.  But meanwhile, I present the alternate ending to Earring Challenge number four.
    Coda sterling silver statement earrings
    Repurposing the material I had used.  I created the "Coda" Sterling Silver Statement Earrings.   I love the organic look to these.  Plus, they are a mighty statement pair of earrings, but what they won't do is weigh you down.  They are lightweight and super comfortable. 
    Get yours today!
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