• Earring Design #6 "Tempting Tourmalines"

    Earring Design #6 "Tempting Tourmalines"
    Another lesson in letting go of the original plan
    .Sterling silver circles about to be soldered
    I had a series of soldered and hammered circles lying around my workbench, and that is where my design idea began. The fates had other plans for me because I ended up melting my first attempt.
    I decided that the best thing to do was to work with it. So I forged, soldered, textured, and drilled a couple of holes. 

    Sterling silver circle earrings about to be made
    Now, what to attach? I began looking through my treasure trove of beads and started with these titanium-coated crystals.
    Titanium crystals and silver earrings
    But they wouldn't hang correctly. Then my eyes caught a glimpse of the sparkling
    Watermelon tourmalines and sterling silver earrings
    Watermelon tourmalines, and I couldn't resist. From there, I continued working with elements I had around the bench and created the TemptingTourmalines Statement Earring Dangles which feature sterling silver ear posts.
    Tempting tourmalines sterling silver statement post earrings
    They have alluring sparkle, with a balanced yet asymmetric look. You'll definitely want to add these to your exclusive collection as feel confident knowing you're wearing a one-of-a-kind. 
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