• February's Gem; The Amethyst

    February's Gem; The Amethyst
    Amethyst is the gemstone associated with February. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz best known for its vivid purple hue, which can range from deep violet to a light lavender hue. The Greek meaning is "without drunkenness," believing it could protect one from poisoning.  It was well known in ancient times as a sobriety stone and has been used for millennia to prevent drunkenness and help with addictions.

    image of poison bottle
    Amethyst is a known calming stone In Crystal lore and is used to provide balance, patience, and peace. It can enhance your intuition and spirituality and is excellent for meditation. It has also been worn to ward off thieves and protect travelers.
    Emotionally if used in crystal healing, Amethyst can help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst is said to have sedative energy that can also add stability and strength, thus promoting happiness and contentment.
    Amethyst and emotional healing image
    Amethyst is in abundance in southern Brazil, and Uruguay, a third major exporter, is Madagascar. But this gemstone can be found all over the world. Specimens have been found in Aztec graves. There is a place named Amethyst harbor on the Canadian side of Lake Superior in North America.
    I love creating jewelry using Amethyst because I love its luscious purple color. I also like the versatility in texture using some in it's more raw geode form as shown below Amethyst has and will continue to show up in many of my one of a kind works of art in the Aprilierre collection.
    amethyst jewelry by Aprilierre
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