• January's Bloom; The Snow Drop

    January's Bloom; The Snow Drop
    The snowdrop a single bloom with so much meaning.  The snowdrop is the flower associated the month of January.  It represents hope, purity, rebirth, and sympathies.  
    One of the few flowers that only bloom in one color- white.  White flowers typically are associated with symbolizing purity.   The Snowdrop is a unique bloom that can generate heat allowing it to burst through the ice crystals as it gently warms and melts the snow that surrounds it.
    Snow drop flower in the snow
    Legend has it that after God cast Eve out of the Garden of Eden into the harsh winter, she was so distraught that an angel appeared to her as she sat weeping. The Angel caught a snowflake, breathing upon it and it fluttered towards earth as the beautiful snowdrop flower.  It's a delicate bloom giving hope of Spring's return.  
    snow drop flowers
    However the Victorians saw the Snowdrop as anything but hope; instead, it represented death and was never brought into the home as it brought in bad luck.  The gentle flower was a bad omen surely about to bring death to your door. 
    snowdrop image
    snowdrop image 
    Snowdrops can be either an expression of condolence or celebration. At a wedding, snowdrops speak of optimism and hope. At a funeral they represent sympathy.  
    A tiny little flower packed full of meaning.  January's bloom is not one to disappoint or overlook.  
    Spring is always in the air when you wear your Aprilierre and a delicate bloom necklace, with its subtle pop of color, can melt away those winter blues. 
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