• July's Blooms; The Larkspur & Waterlily

    July's Blooms; The Larkspur & Waterlily
    July's birth flowers are anything but ordinary.  One hailed as Queen of the Night and is the celebrity of water features.  The other stands tall and proud capable of growing eight feet tall. 
    First, the Delphinium is commonly known as the Larkspur. Within each bloom of the Larkspur, you will find an elongated petal resembling a spur. Similar to the hind claws of the meadowlark. 
    The Larkspur comes in a variety of colors, each with a special meaning.   
    Pink resembles fickleness, white happiness, and purple first love.  The Larkspur is used in the United States for its scent used in aromatherapy and candles. 
    In Greek mythology after the battle of Troy when Achilles dies his armor was awarded to Odysseus, not to Ajax.  This through Ajax into such despair that he flung himself on his sword to join his fellow Achilles in death.  His blood droplets were falling to the ground and blooming into beautiful larkspurs. 
    The Waterlily often referred to as "Queen of the Water" is also the national flower of Bangladesh. 
    A symbol of life, love, and unity.  The flower blooms from the mud, which is why Buddhists regard the waterlily as a symbol of enlightenment and an essential religious symbol both in Buddhism and Hindi commonly called the Lotus Flower. 
    Waterlilies can change colors from white to deep pink.  Did you know it is the only flower that bears fruit while it is in full bloom? 
    No matter which bloom is your favorite you'll love the natural beauty and refreshing fragrance of these beautiful blooms. 
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