• July's Gem, The Ruby

    July's Gem, The Ruby
    I can't think of a gemstone more suitable for July than the Ruby.  Its vibrant red color is fitting for those long hot summer days.  A Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones just under a Diamond reaching a nine on the Mohs scale. Rubies held high esteem in Hindu culture, known as the "King of Gems."  Rubies were said to protect its wearer from evil. Its deep red color associated it with love and passion, energy, and success. 
    Image of a faceted ruby
    If you are striving to reach your personal or business goals, perhaps you want to consider wearing a Ruby because they are said to help increase mental stamina, eliminating fatigue and depression.   
    A Ruby is a variety of Corundum and is known for is blood-red color, which is the most valuable of Rubies. Less expensive but equally stunning rubies are brown, pink, and orange tones. If you find Corundum in blue tones, then you have just unearthed Ruby's cousin, the Sapphire.
    One story about a Ruby that I found particularly intriguing is the "Peace" Ruby. It was initially a 42 carat rough Ruby found in the Mobak Valley in 1919 just two days after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, marking the end of WWI.
    Rough cut Ruby
    Chhotalal Nanalal, a gem merchant from India, purchased the stone and had the honor of cutting it into a beautiful faceted gem measuring at 25 carats. Once carved, sent to Paris, where an American buyer bought it for an undisclosed sum. To this day, the whereabouts of the "Peace Ruby" remains unknown.
    Some Ruby Sapphires have crossed the path of my workbench over the years, and when they do, they tend not to stay in stock very long.
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