• March's Bloom; The Daffodil

    March's Bloom; The Daffodil
    Ahh, the sweet smell of a daffodil is unmistakable and a sure sign of spring.  In more moderate climates than my Minnesota, the Daffodil is one of the first blooms of Spring.  It's bright yellow color is sure to add a little cheer to a gloomy room.  It became the flower to symbolize friendship, respect, modesty, and faithfulness during the Victorian times especially when it was considered taboo to express romantic feelings into words.  
    daffodil fields
    Daffodils are commonly found in yellow or white, but you can also find varieties accented with orange or pink. 
    white daffodils
    St. David's Day is a traditional holiday celebrated on March 1st in Wales, and the Daffodil is worn along with leeks, both recognized symbols of Wales.   The Daffodil has been associated in history with death and rebirth.  It is symbolized in Greek Mythology with the death of Narcissus and it also returns as an Easter Flower. 
    A bouquet of Daffodils are perfect for giving to a friends who needs a little uplift, and you can never go wrong with adding some daffodils to your home decor.  
    daffodil bouquet
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