• May's Birthday Blooms; Lily of the Valley & Hawthorns

    May's Birthday Blooms; Lily of the Valley & Hawthorns
    Humility, virtue, vitality, and peace are the emotions represented by the Lily of the Valley; May's Birth flower.   After the very long winter seeing this little bloom and its pure white bell-shaped petals is sure to bring a spark of happiness.  It is a bloom that cannot endure any frost so when the Lily of the Valley arrives its a sure sign winter is gone.  Its alluring sweet scent is distinct, and the curve of the stems holding the white blooming bells is a work of nature's art. lily of the valley flower
    If you are lucky to have a birthday in May you might naturally have a cheerful disposition like the second bloom associated with May; the Hawthorn.  Its charming buds are similar to the cherry tree or the dogwood.  
    Hawthorn plant
    Gratitude and the caring nature of people who share this particular flower exemplify when the flowers of the Hawthorn drop and small red fruits develop to feed the animals and birds. 
    Hawthorn berries
    An aesthetic similar to the Hawthorn tree is the inspiration behind these sterling silver cascading bloom earrings.
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