• Three Charms for Three Generations

    Three Charms for Three Generations

    In honor of Mothers Day,  I created a limited edition necklace that would embrace and celebrate Motherhood, rebirth, and spring.  The inspiration came from my mother’s own written words cultivated in her latest book release  “Home for Supper: memories and recipes. “ 

    Mothers Day Gift Set

    I found so much joy in reading this book, not only because of the memories it brought back but it also gave me a deeper understanding of my Grandmother.   She hailed from the "Greatest Generation" having lived through the great depression, World War Two, and raised her family on hard work with the promise of a savory hot supper at the table.  

    The design of the necklace is symbolic of my grandmothers garden, the oxidized silver the color of the dark earth which embraces a silver branch, which blooms into a budding gold flower.  

    Three charms for three generations.  Jewelry designed by an artist, inspired by her mother’s words that were inspired by her mother's suppers and the stories experienced around the family table. 


    Mothers Day Necklace


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