• My Heart is in Minneapolis

    My Heart is in Minneapolis
    About eight years ago or so, the "I heart (insert whichever state)" type of jewelry and clothing was so popular.  I still can't participate in an art market that doesn't have at least two vendors sporting apparel and accessories featuring the State of Minnesota. 
    I've never jumped on trends like this, but there was something about Minneapolis that I wanted to celebrate.  It's a city with so much beauty, both naturally and architecturally.  
    photo of jewelry stamps
    Minneapolis skyline and skly line drawing
      The original plan was to stamp "I  heart Mpls" on the pendant, but when my friend suggested, "My heart is in Minneapolis," it resonated and felt more personal and intentional.  I could see this necklace worn with a connected meaning  in so many different peoples stories:
                       -the ones who grew up in Minneapolis and moved away
                       -the ones who stayed and now call Minneapolis their home
                -the ones who passed through town and found their favorite craft brew
     -the ones who never give up hope for the Minnesota Vikings, Twins,          Timberwolves,  and Minnesota Wild
                        -the ones who found love in the heart of the city
    My heart is in Mpls brass pendant
    I created a small series of pendants in brass.  They made their debut at the Mill City Farmers Market, and I sold that series relatively quickly.  However, I had already started moving to my next design, and the concept of the "My heart is in Minneapolis" pendant slowly got buried with the new onslaught of ideas. 
    When Minneapolis became a city of unrest, I felt the need to help contribute to the rebuilding of the thriving minority-owned businesses that were now devastated.  Of all the jewelry art I have created in the past, it felt fitting to bring back the "My (heart) is in MPLS design.   I chose to work in sterling silver stamping one side of the necklace and leaving the other side blank but textured. Allowing the wearer to decide whether to have the words facing inwards or outwards.  
    prince mural in uptown Minneapolis
    Minneapolis is the city that gave us the music Icon PRINCE, which is why I specifically chose Amethyst as the stone to use in connecting the chain to the pendant.  The deep purple hue is my nod to the musical influence that shaped our city.  Amethyst is a healing gemstone that aids in calming the mind bringing forth peace and serenity.  Something we all could use these days. 
    sterling silver in progress my heart is in minneapolis
     We have a long road ahead of recovery and rebuilding to do in Minneapolis. I'll be donating portions of sales of this necklace to local organizations directly involved with restoring and supporting BIPOC businesses affected by the uprisings.
    Thank you for your support.
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