• New Beginnings


    It is time to say good bye to 2017.  The time has come for me to move from my beloved space.    I loved my sunny corner space so much.  This was taken just as I was beginning to move in four years ago.  

    For me this space was an accomplishment.  I had longed for floor to ceiling windows and have a view of the Minneapolis downtown skyline.  I had arrived!  

    Moving gives me the opportunity to shed of things I don't need.  It also is exciting to give my work bench a make over.  

    Aprilierre Work Bench

    Despite the chaos of moving while mothering a toddler.  I rose to the challenge and found ways to squeak in moments to work on my website, to photograph my jewelry

    Natural zircon and druzy earrings

    write social media content, create jewelry, attend live events. I wouldn't trade it for anything because this is the work that I love. 


    Cheers to New Beginnings! 





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