New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Every year you find yourself looking in the mirror saying these words "it's a New Year, New You"  and promise yourself that you will COMMIT to getting them done. You glance down at your list of “resolutions” the usual suspects are amongst the list. “Excercise more and lose 10lbs” “simplify your closet…blah blah blah” you know the drill well.


But 2019 feels different.  You can feel that shift of energies.  You are ready to shake off the last of 2018.  You love the idea of a fresh page, a clean slate, new possibilities.  It is the year of the Pig.  A year that will bring a “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” 

Aprilierre Jewelry goal list



You are ready. 


In 2019 You


-let go of what doesn’t serve you

-embrace your inner superpower

-find your voice and shine


 2019 in the Aprilierre Jewelry collection you will find:


-specialty rose cut gemstones in the Bloom Collection

-Classic Hoop earring designs with inspiring stories behind them

-quality handcrafted work in sterling silver and gold


Cheers to out with the old and in with the New in 2019

New years eve toast 2019


Sterling silver and gold hoop earrings

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