• October's Blooms; The Marigold

    October's Blooms; The Marigold
    I can't think of any bloom more perfect to represent the month of October than the luscious Marigold. Its warm, rich golden tones are similar to the hues of the Autumn setting sun.  It is no surprise this flower was chosen to represent October.  
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    The Marigold blooms in late spring and will last until the summer's end and even beyond.  Part of the Sunflower family this flower has garnered both positive and negative meanings depending on the culture.  Christians referred to the flower as "Mary's Gold" hence the name Marigold which means grace and affection.  In the Victorian era, they symbolized grief and despair.  Many prefer to focus on the positive connotations.
    Marigold flowers Aprilierre Jewelry
    Some fun facts about Marigolds:
    1. The name Marigold originates from the plant’s use as an offering to the Virgin Mary instead of gold coins.
    2. Some people once believed that merely looking at a marigold for an extended period or picking them would turn you into a drunkard.
    3. They are perfect to have in the garden since they are a deterrent to pests.
    4. Marigolds can be medicinal and heal skin problems, insect bites, and inflammation.
    October birthdays can stand proud behind their birthday bloom because it is also a symbol of creativity and a drive to succeed and a desire for wealth. 
    Keats quote about Marigolds
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