• Protect Your Magic

    Protect Your Magic

    "Magic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen." ~  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Magic.  I love that word.  Ever since I was a young child, the word magic sounds like it is coated in sparkling diamonds.   My favorite movie was the Wizard of Oz.  I loved when Dorothy steps out into the world of color, the magical beauty when a bubble bursts into a beautiful "good witch" I adored those beautiful ruby slippers.  I loved how in the end Dorothy was taught that the magic she needed to get home was within her all along.  It was empowering. 

    Alisia approached me this summer during a farmers market and noticed my Gratitude ring.  She was looking for two rings, in two different metals that would say "protect your magic."  I captured her vision in 14kt gold-filled and sterling silver.  

    And so the creative journey began...

    protect your magic ring

    The rough draft, stamped on scrap to see how the font looks and if it will fit properly.  Then off to form the rings.   

    sterling silver 14kt gold-filled stamped rings              

    sterling silver 14kt gold-filled stamped rings 

    sterling silver 14kt gold-filled stamped rings

     After finishing these rings, I loved the weight and the feel of them on my finger.  I loved that they symbolize the magic within all of us. That when we simply believe in ourselves, magic happens. 

    sterling silver 14kt gold-filled stamped rings



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