• September's Blooms; The Aster and the Morning Glory

    September's Blooms; The Aster and the Morning Glory
    A star in the flower world represents September birthdays. Yes, the Aster which originated from the Greek word "star." Asters colors range in shades of mauve, lilac, and pink, white, or red blooms. 
    The Aster represents sincerity and is a symbol of affection and wisdom and all-powerful love.
    Asters were used on the graves of soldiers because of its It symbolism of fond remembrance or wishing things had turned out differently. It symbolizes elegance when used in fall decor. A thoughtful way to welcome a new friend to the neighborhood is to offer a potted plant of Asters.  
    Fun Facts about Asters
    The other flower associated with September is the Morning Glory. A climbing vine traditionally associated with its deep indigo blooms. The Morning Glory is a flower of duality. It carries with it stories of unrequited love, the mortality of life, love that is in vain, or restricted love found in ancient Chinese myths.  
    morning glory flowers
    The Chinese folklore of the morning glory symbolizes that lovers may only meet on one particular day out of the year. The story behind this is that two young people fell deeply in love. So much so that they began neglecting all of their responsibilities. As more chores and duties were ignored, the gods grew angry with dissatisfaction, and the heavens started to rumble. So, they decreed that the lovers could meet just one day out of the year.  
    The Morning Glory's message is simple yet essential. "Tenacity and tenderness in all things, be gentle but strong in your endeavors with other people, animals, and nature. Above all, hold fast to your goals."
    Morning glory
    Giving the gift of the Morning Glory is perfect to uplift a friend in need of encouragement to strive full force towards their goals. No matter what lies ahead, a Morning Glory continues to climb and grow. They keep on going and never give up.    
    The Aster and the Morning Glory are both beautiful and tenacious blooms that September birthdays can proudly call their flowers. 
    Asters and morning glories
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