• Personal reflections on Valentines Day

    Personal reflections on Valentines Day
    Remember how exciting Valentine's day was when you were in Elementary School? A few days before this traditional mini holiday the classroom would smell of fresh cut construction paper covered in Elmer's paste.  Children, plastering their shoeboxes with red and pink hearts.  Their treasure chest which would be receiving tiny little envelopes of sweetness. (The best Valentines of course included the candy!) 
    For me, the "sweetness" of Valentine's day dissipated over the years. 
    child making valentine
    I once heard a local radio DJ coin it as "Single Awareness Day" (SAD).  I laughed. I felt that reminder of being single and dreaming of that storybook romance. 
    sitting alone

    In my late thirties, I was more of an adventurous serial dater and not much into settling or slowing down. I began feeling the social pressures of finding the "one." More and more friends of mine were getting married.  Fast forward a few years, and I am in one of those "its complicated" type of relationships. Somedays I ache for my single life.   My attitude towards the fairy tale representation of Valentines Day may have hardened over the years.  Or has it? 
    endless blizzard road
    In the Midwest, Winter has a long cold grasp and once the Christmas lights come down things get dull, cold and gray.  Not having much to look forward to Valentine's day offers that little bit of reprieve.  Ever since the character Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation coined the term "Galentines Day" on Feb. 13th, I have embraced that sentiment. 
    Celebrate your Girlfriends! 
    They are the ones who last through break-ups, go on adventures with you,  encourage you when you need it as you do for them.  
    Aprilierre's girlfriends
    At the core of St. Valentines Day is love.  Love is kindness and kindness unites.  So it's worth embracing and celebrating.  Whether it is baking heart-shaped cookies and decorating cards with the kiddos or merely going out for dinner with a friend, perhaps a spa day just for yourself.  (Because you are worth celebrating!).  This year find a little joy in a simple holiday about LOVE.  
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