• The Importance of a Ring

    The Importance of a Ring
    A ring can be simple to complex in design, and a ring tells a story.  It can represent a whimsical purchase while traveling.  It symbolizes you.  Your emotions, your connections, purpose a love. 
    couple wedding ceremony wedding ring
    Some stories your rings share are permanent and every day like the wedding band.  The wedding band became a symbol of marriage during the Ancient Egyptian and Roman times.  They believed that the vena amoris, or "vein of love" on the fourth finger of the left hand carried a vein that had a direct connection to the heart.  Thus began the ring as a symbol of the binding union in marriage.   The continuous circle represents the everlasting nature, and the open center is a nod towards the life to be explored as a couple—a venture into the unknown.
    hand with sterling silver rings
    There are those of us whose rings are part of the show.  You change your rings frequently to fit your mood and your style.   Sometimes your rings are stamped with names, dates, phrases that are meaningful. 
    Sometimes it is YOU who brings meaning into my work. 
    Jen works hard on the frontlines a needed a ring that represents her and found my sterling silver open circle ring.  She immediately connected to my ring design and my interpretation behind the symbol of the circle. She wears her ring every day.
    Alison wanted her wedding band based on one of my spinner ring designs.  Her story wasn't a traditional one, nor should her ring be.   She was married young, divorced a little older, and married the same man again.   The gold bands that spin represent their past, present, and future together.  The way the bands bend like branches a reminder that life isn't always perfect and smooth. 
    sterling silver spinner ring with gold bands
    Jenna had a gorgeous tiger eye gemstone she had saved for the perfect yet simple ring.  She only needed the jewel to be the focus, and we came up with a delicate, hammered band oxidized black, allowing the tiger eye to shine. 
    custom sterling silver tiger eye band
    Whether you choose to work with me for a customized design or you find a ring I have available in your size now, know that each piece I make is with you in mind.  Carefully and slowly crafted by hand to bring meaning and joy into your life.
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