• The story of a Cuff Bracelet

    It begins as a blank sheet, a smooth surface with lots of possibilities.  I have created this  Sterling Silver Statement Cuff style for a couple of years now, but this was the first time I decided to add some texture to it. 
    The beginning of a cuff bracelet Aprilierre Jewelry
    I didn't have a plan for the stamping nor a particular pattern to follow. I let my hammer follow the gentle paths left behind by my disc cutter.
    Texturing Sterling silver bracelet Aprilierre Jewelry
    It took me a while to decide that this cuff is complete. Sometimes still doubting it was. I began to put this piece out on display for my holiday events this year.  So many people gravitated toward it. It found the perfect owner at Lakes and Legends Brewing this past December.
    Aprilierre sterling silver cuff bracelet
    She had taken her time debating on whether she should purchase this one of a kind cuff bracelet.  She came back near the end of the evening deciding to gift this unique piece for herself. She told me it was the texture that drew her to it, that it reminded her of footprints side by side on a journey; a mother's and a daughter's. She looked down at her beaming four-year-old daughter. Proud to be a mother. But also excited, she reminds herself she is a woman of unique style, that she too deserves to treat herself to more than a Starbucks coffee from time to time.
    sterling silver cuff bracelet
    It means the most to me when a carefully handcrafted piece of jewelry, made with the intention of being unique to the wearer it is intended, and to see that piece of jewelry become a part of another woman's personal story.
    Find the perfect piece that defines your story.  
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