• Three Birthdays: Three Charms for Three Generations

    It only takes that one word that you attach to an emotion.   You find connection. Sometimes that connection is captured in a piece of jewelry.  My Three Charms for Three Generations necklace is a representation of Grandmother, mother and daughter. A symbol of mother earth, the bud and the sprout of a flower. 

    Three charms for three generations necklace


     My mother had published a book Home for Supper:memories and recipes.   I was instantly inspired to create a special design to honor the stories shared between generations. 

    My jewelry then sparked another’s story.  Rachel, a mother of a daughter and Her mother all share the same birthday.  That connection alone is powerful and one that should be celebrated!  I was honored that my necklaces where chosen to represent that sacred bond of three generations. 

    Three charms for three generations


    Sterling silver hammered and shaped and oxidized representing the rich dark soil.

    A Sterling silver leaf charm is the spout of life from Mother Earth while a tiny 22kt gold plate flower charm represents the bloom. 

    Three Charms for Three Generations.



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