• What a Whirl of a weekend

     Art-a-Whirl, the nations largest open studio art crawl in Minneapolis happens the third weekend of May.   I live in the Artspace Jackson Flats,  a building that is a live/work space for artists and their families.  Some of our artists open their spaces during the art crawl and it is one of my favorite events to do every year. 

    A lot of work happens to transform my space from a toddler crazy zone into a beautiful and welcoming showroom.  This year to make things easier I had arranged for my little Niko to spend the weekend fishing with his dad. (I am told he did very well and had a great time). 

    Aprilierre Jewelry family photo

    Aprilierre studio open during art-a-whirl

    My first night I hosted a little VIP party for those on my A-List. I decided to have some fun random drawings and gave away some prizes.  Each bringing a smile to those who came. 

    Aprilierre Studio Art -a-Whirl


    Aprilierre Studio Art-a-Whirl

    I loved all the connections I made over Art-a-Whirl. The most important thing for me was the fact that the weekend gave me a time to reclaim my personal space, my love for what I do, and the time spent with my friends. 

    Aprilierre Jewelry collection

    view the Aprilierre Collection Here

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