• What does "Ethically Sourced" Mean to you?

    I am sure that as you have come to get to know various brands out there, you likely have heard the terms “ethically sourced” before.  I use that term all the time when describing my work.  For that is valuable to me.   I need to be able to sleep at night knowing that the materials I use in my jewelry come from companies who share similar values as I do.

    Ethically sourced is defined as;   

    Aprilierre jewelry workbench

    The sterling silver I use comes from viable companies which adhere to strict policies of sustainability. Often I use recycled silver and gold. My latest jewelry collection “ExperiMetal-Zero”  which begins with a single sheet of metal, use of one shape, the circle, and endless Design possibilities with each piece of metal used in the collection.  The last bit of tiny scraps left over can be melted down and used as accent pieces in my other work.  

    Aprilierre Jewelry Experi-Metal collection


    Now let's be real.  Mistakes happen.  There are times when I have no choice but to scrap a project.  When there is nothing more I can do, I make sure that I recycle my metal with programs offered by jewelry supply companies like Rio Grande.  

    I purchase gemstones from a couple of local woman-owned businesses in Minneapolis whom I know and trust.  When I look at new suppliers on Sites like Etsy, I take some time to research Their business making sure the gems I provide will follow the guidelines of sustainability and fair trade practices before I buy.  

    Aprilierre Gemstones

     Even down to my packaging materials I made sure to find 
    a packaging company who makes beautiful yet sustainable boxes out of recycled paper. If purchasing quality jewelry that is in line with your values regarding sustainability is essential to you, then you have come to the right place.  





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