What is the significance of a Mothers Ring?

What is the significance of a Mothers Ring?

 “It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?” -Mahatma Gandhi 

Celebrating the family's matriarch has been a tradition celebrated in various cultures, so you would think the practice of gifting a Mothers Ring would be a centuries-old custom.  It surprisingly isn't.  It began in 1959 with the John C Nordt jewelry company, founded in New York City in 1872, now operating in Roanoke, VA, since 1984.  The original design had two wedding bands put together, then evolved into using birthstones to represent family members.   It seems like a convenient Marketing ploy for a jewelry company.  So just like that, Mothers Rings became the trend.  

Image of two gold rings in a book with a graphic of a simple ring band
The tradition was to have the ring made from two wedding bands and customize the children's birthstones.  Over the years, the designs have evolved to include stacking rings or feature a variety of settings.  However, a simple google search for "Mother's Rings" results in a series of images of rather typical (frankly not all that creative) designs.  


Sterling silver ring bands with a single colored gemstone on ring cones


I was selling my jewelry one Saturday at the Mill City Farmers Market.  A gentleman approached me inquiring about a custom Mothers Ring in 18 kt gold for his wife, Patsy—choosing me based on my textures, organic flowing lines, and pops of color from tiny round gemstones.  With the invitation to deviate from the traditional look, adding my hand forged flair inspired me to take this project. 

18 kt gold ring with 5 round gemstones made by Aprilierre Jewelry


 I kept the essential elements from the traditional Mothers Ring concept, adding my signature Aprilierre nature-inspired flare and organic textures.  I set the stones in Gold tube settings for more of a contemporary look.  


The Process:

Workbench with raw gold sheet, tubes and a container with five loose gemstones


As with life, not every part of the creation process was picture perfect.  I melted expensive gold, and some gemstones flew off my workbench into the abyss.  There were moments of F words followed by tears of relief, an emotional rollercoaster ride, yet I learned so much.  I realized that I love working in gold.  I see why humankind has been fascinated with this luxurious metal.  Its soft yellow glistening glow is captivating.  It's solid and durable and withstands the test of time.  

Sterling silver ring with garnet and citrine gemstones made by aprilierre jewelry
Aprilierre custom for sale five gemstones 18kt gold ring
Inspired to have a custom piece made especially for you or someone you hold dear?  You are invited to fill out this form and I am happy to help you. 
April Barnhart wearing dark blue sweater dress and styled in Aprilierre Jewelry
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