• A brief history behind the Earring

    A brief history behind the Earring
    Do you hate it when you leave the house and realize you forgot to put on your favorite pair of earrings? Then like me, you find it to be an essential accessory.
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    *With 83% of men and women today having one or both their lobes pierced the practice has become so commonplace and its no wonder that earrings are the top-selling item in my shop. 
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    Otzi, the oldest mummy found in the Valley of the Alps not only had tattoos of dots and lines but his earlobes were pierced and stretched.   Gold hoops were prevalent in the Minoan civilization.  (Around 2000-1600BC).  Ear piercing, in early tribal civilization, was rooted in superstition.  It was believed that demons could enter and possess the body through the ear.  However, metal could repel

    cartoon image of pirateEarrings were very fashionable amongst the courtiers and gentlemen living during the early Renaissance in the 1590s. Sailors were also known to sport an earring in their lobes.  It was seen as a symbol that the wearer had sailed across the world and crossed the equator.  They also knew that if they were to die at sea the gold in the earring could potentially pay for the funeral.    
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    Between the 1920s and 1950s, clip-on earrings were more popular and were worn by young women of society.  In the 1950s-1960s most people pierced ears at home since there was no commercial market for ear piercing.  So the girls at home hosted ear piercing parties.  In the 1960s-80s before there was ear piercing kiosks and shops it was common for the piercing to be done by the family doctor. 



    woman of various race and cultures wearing earrings  

    The practice of wearing the earring has a long history since the dawn of time and worn by different cultures around the world.   In the Aprilierre Jewelry collection, you will find a wide variety of earring styles from beautiful sterling silver statements to the simplest little silver stud.  While I am pretty certain demons won't enter your body through your ears,  I am confident that you will find a new favorite pair that you'll love to wear every day. 

    Sterling Silver and gemstone jewelry for sale by Aprilierre





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