Why I chose the name Aprilierre ( <em>Ah-pril-e-air</em> )

Why I chose the name Aprilierre ( <em>Ah-pril-e-air</em> )

“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?”  —William Shakespeare


My jewelry is a deep reflection of my inner passion to create. 

Aprilierre jewelry, April Barnhart, sterling silver cuff bracelet, 14kt gold filled stack rings, flower pendants.

 I love that my name is April. Growing up it stood out for 30 days every year and garnered plenty of “clever” comments especially the classic “you must be born in April”  No, I was a December girl.  The irony is I always joked that if I had a baby I would try to have them born in April and name them December.  Well, I did have a baby…in April…who is named Nicholas (Niko). 

Blog post by Aprilierre featuring Niko


Aprilierre Logo

Why did I choose Aprilierre?  I wanted my name to be a major component of my jewelry brand and I wanted it to say more than "April Barnhart designs".  Over the years I have come to acknowledge that it might be a tad bit difficult to pronounce.  It is pronounced  Ah-pril-e-air ( think of it spoken with a French twist).  When first presented to me in a brand development session I was immediately drawn to it because I liked how the letters flow together when written.  It speaks to the feeling I was aiming to capture with a brand name.  That each piece is handcrafted by me, the artist, so it felt right that Aprilierre would loosely translate to "of April".

April Barnhart the artist of Aprilierre Jewelry

April is the second month of spring (unless you live in the midwest like I do in which case you are lucky if you get Spring at all).

The name itself is derived from the Latin word "aperit", which means "to open".  April is the month of the growing season when trees and flowers begin to “open”. It is natural that I embrace the budding blooms as they start to sprout by designing petals, blossoms, leaves, and vines;  creating April's Blooms.   While I have failed to keep my own houseplants alive,  I feel that the garden of my workbench has been thriving.

Sterling silver flower necklace with lab Ruby sapphire


I admire people who can grow and cultivate beautiful and bountiful gardens. While I am less inclined to spend hours digging in the dirt and pulling weeds,  I will continue to plant the seeds of creativity and sow my garden of jewels.

Sterling silver bloom necklace with aquamarine by Aprilierre


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