• Why flowers?

    Why flowers?
    A child picking flowers for you is one of the sweetest gifts you could ever receive. Did you ever collect a bundle of dandelions for your mother?  
    Over the years, if you have followed Aprilierre, you will notice one central theme reoccur in my work.  That is, of course, the nature-inspired element.  I can’t help it.  My name April represents “rebirth and renewal.”  
    It seems inate for me to be inspired by capturing a representation of all things that grow, but in a simplistic, minimal way. 
    Why little flowers?
    A collection inspired by the delicate little four petal blooms reminiscent of tiny little wild flowers that dot the countryside.  I appreciate their resilence to the harsh elements of the prairie blooming in defiance to mother nature.  Fierce yet delicate.
       My Eloquent Petals are my little ode to those wee little blossoms.  Utilizing a custom made tool each petal is hand punched, delicately textured and filed, one has to make two little jump rings and  solder a connecting ring to create the ideal dangle.  Then finding a perfect little gemstone is that adds a pop of color.  Some of my favorite little gems are peridot, various sapphires, blue topaz, citrine even fire opal for a bold orange.   A tube setting is soldered then carefully polished , gemstones meticulously set and finished with a sterling silver marquis shaped earring wire. 
    When worn they have a refined appeal,  even when paired with a casual outfit you’ll still feel eloquent. 
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